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The Marketplace Usage...


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October 7, 2011
Here in "The Marketplace", when creating a thread, the system will require a prefix for the post. After the post creation you can edit the thread title and prefix accordingly. For instance after the creation of a "FOR SALE" item(s) and it has sold, please go back into the thread choose "Thread Tools" in the upper right corner above the thread and then choose "Edit Thread". From there you can edit the thread title and change the thread prefix to show "SOLD". You may do this after the thread creation also in the case of a mixup and you chose the wrong prefix at the start.

Please, I ask, that you be diligent about changing your ad's thread prefix to show the proper status of the item(s). You can only edit your own thread created under your user name. If you have any problem or questions please let me know.

Thank you,

Andy (whitewolf68)

Addendum: I have added a sales function to the marketplace so that you can now create the thread, set a price and accept payment through paypal using whatever means you wish. Just bear in mind that they are NOT firearms friendly so avoid stating anything about firearms or guns in the sale on on paypal.

After you've made the post go back into it and on the right hand side above the thread title and just to the right of the "Watch" function you'll see "...▼" and can select "Manage Sale" to set the quantity, price and paypal address as well for the sale. Hopefully this will help with the sale of merchandise here in the community.

Please let me know if there are any problems with this function, I believe I have set it to be available to the registered users and various other groups as needed and seen fit.

Thank you again,

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