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Discussion in 'Shooting Sports' started by diesel, April 15, 2018.

  1. diesel


    Out with the dogs yesterday morning. Oh ya, I got another one.
    My first honest to goodness, warm, spring morning. Theres just something about that first warm morning after a long, hard winter.
    Watching my 5 month old pup annoying my 7 yr. old, with the sun just starting rise much farther east than I can see, I heard it. That sweet sound one only hears early in the spring, my first gobble of the season. A true harbinger of spring and a promise of warmer temps around the corner. Bout time!

    Sunrise a week from tomorrow is the spring turkey opener. Can't wait and good luck to any participants.:D:D:flag::flag:

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  2. daniellawecki


    Go and get them and GOOD LUCK . Your right spring is just around the corner. :flag::flag::)
  3. diesel


    Seen two yesterday morning, no shot. They're not talking yet but are active. Warm weather next week should get'm up and gobble'n.

    Today is the 3rd already and no bird. Only been out twice (busy, busy) seen two last week, no shot. Nothing yesterday, not even a gobble. :flag::flag:
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