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  1. Hey guys,

    Well, I keep seeing the PA Steel Challenge offered up here from time to time and checking our local shooting calendar, it seems there was one local to me today so I thought I'd check it out.

    The rules seem simple enough. Stand in a box, shoot 5 targets in 5 strings. Throw out the worst time and add up the other four. This gives you that stage's final time!

    In our case it was 4 stages so that works out to 100 rounds or so, depending on your "misses".

    I looked over some older matches to see who I should be able to beat or at least stay with. Saw some familiar names and gave it a go.

    I never realized there were so many compensated 22's with optics on them!! At least I know where they play now.

    Lots of other compensated and optic guns but being the dinosaur I am, I stuck with my trusty EDC and shot in "Limited" meaning iron sights, no optics and no compensator. I finished about where I figured (half way up the list) and beat the guys I should have, based on how we do in other sports.

    I did win Super Senior but that's not saying a lot as there were only two of us and I always beat him on Monday night.

    My take from all this? It kind of resembles the GSSF matches that Glock puts on. Or maybe the Glock GSSF matches look a lot like Steel Challenge.

    If you're into shooting stuff in the woods (cans, bottles, plates, etc) this should be right up your alley.

    It was fun, but alas it's just not my type of shooting. It does get a bit repetitive when you shoot the same stage 5 times in a row, even though it's only 5 targets. And with 60 shooters, it does take some time to get a squad run through.

    So, for those of you who have Steel Challenge available to you at your local range, be sure and at least TRY it once. It would be more fun with a shooting buddy so at least one of you would have bragging rights until the next match!

    Hey, anything you do using a timer can only help your overall shooting. Try something new!! Try Steel Challenge.

    AD (1st Place, Super Senior) (that's "old guy" in real words)
  2. Did any of you guys give Steel Challenge a try or head over for the Pennsylvania match that gets advertised here?

  3. I looked into to it to go watch,but it's at the other end of PA,too far to go to see what's occurring.
    Way back in the 90s',at a club I used to belong to,informal and when there were enough potential participants at the range,paper targets were set up at different heights(ground level and up to 6') and different distances(10 yards and up to 50 yards). Very informal,nothing timed and nothing scored,just like a practice. Good for tuning up acquisition,aiming,trigger control.
    Use whatever,pistol,revolver,rifle. Looking back on it,a 'zombie scenario'.
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    No sense in coming to watch. Come shoot the match. New shooters are welcome and will be placed on squads who will help you out. I advertise her because we had shooters in the area this forum covers last year. Any questions please let me know
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  5. Anybody head out yet and give Steel Challenge a try since we first posted up on this?

    I was going to shoot our local Steel match today but missed the start time by a half hour due to stupidity on my part.

    So, anybody try it yet? The last time I ran in one it was fun and ran through two boxes of ammo.

    I"ll put it on my calendar for next month and see how it goes with my EDC.

  6. I've not been to the steel challenge yet BUT I have shot my own plate and it was really a lot of fun. ;)
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  7. Andy,

    Grab a buddy and head out to the next Steel Challenge and have the "loser" buy the burgers when you're done.

    Now THAT'S putting some pressure on your shooting!

  8. All,

    Had my good shooting buddy kind of call me out this week and say he was going to kick my butt at Steel Challenge on Wednesday night. We've been running in the weekly IDPA matches but he said he could really clean up if we were only shooting at steel plates instead of paper and moving and reloading and all that.

    I said "You're ON!" and we headed off to the Wednesday night Steel Challenge match. Just four stages of the well defined stages.

    I have to admit it was a lot of fun and we had a good time giving each other grief about trying to speed by those "large" steel plates and actually missing from time to time.

    The bottom line was I got him good and he had to buy the cheeseburgers after the match.

    Grab a buddy and get out there. There is no substitute for a little pressure on you when you're shooting!

    Steel Challenge has zero movement so you're basically standing in a box and blasting away. How difficult can this be?? Try it with a friend. You'll be back.

    I shot my normal carry gun in Production class and took 1st place there. I finished 15th overall (out of 40), but the top 14 shooters were all shooting RIFLES and most of those were .22LRs!!!!!

    Give it a try this year. Get out of your comfort zone.

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  9. Something odd is happening.

    After shooting several of the Wednesday night Steel Challenge matches with some friends, it appears that ALL of our times on the Monday night IDPA match are moving up the list!

    Evidently there is something to Steel Challenge and all of the transition shots you wind up making during the match.

    There's another Steel Challenge Classifier next Saturday and I think several of my buddies will be there so we can compete against each other AND get a valid classification for a change!

    Get out there with a buddy and put some pressure on your shooting.

  10. All,

    It would appear that several of my IDPA shooting buddies have caught the Steel Challenge "bug" and are now participating in it on a weekly basis!!

    I lost to my "arch enemy" a week or so ago by 4/100th of a second overall. That was a tight match that went down to the last shot!

    If just plinking is your bag, this might work for you as it's plinking at steel "on the clock". Puts just enough pressure on you to get you out of your comfort zone and into a bit of a challenge.

    Don't sit there all summer reading gun magazines. Get out there and try something new and in this case it's your local Steel Challenge match.

    And as always, bring a shooting buddy to see who gets bragging rights.

  11. Well, the Steel Challenge bug has hit my shooting buddies pretty hard.

    Three of them have actually purchased new 22LR pistols and another two are waiting for theirs to arrive!! I think they like the game!

    As the game itself appears to be pretty simple and straight forward, we all found it interesting that we really liked shooting the plates on the timer for "real".

    For you Ohio guys I did a quick search on the USPSA Steel Challenge page and came up with scheduled local matches in Lyndhurst, Dayton, Vandalia and Pickerington (Columbus) and that's just the listed matches.

    The only reason I'm even aware of Pickerington is because of the American Motorcycle Assn HQ that is there, which I've been to.

    So, dig out that 22 pistol (or semi-auto rifle) and drag a buddy down for some Steel Challenge shooting. Don't get stuck binge watching old TV shows on Netflix all summer long.

    Grab a buddy and get out and shoot for the honor of the bragging rights AND make the loser buy a beer.

    We had 8 people (7 guys and one gal) on our squad the other night. As it just so happened, 4 of us were shooting "Rim Fire Pistol Iron sight" and the other four were shooting various 9mm pistols with optics, barrel porting, open class holsters and all of that. Kindly notice the total score for Team Twenty Two vs. Team Sluggo (the trick guns).

    Advantage to the CCI Mini-Mag crowd!!

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  12. Just to let you know that the "losing" team from last week was still hopping mad about getting beat by the "Twenty Two" group and they recommended that we change our name to "Two-Two" and then it fell apart into:


    They are all on our hit list for next week for sure!

    AD (Team Tu-Tu)


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