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  1. I just tried to update my "signature" and for the life of me cannot find it anywhere in the profile pages.

    Perhaps too much gunsmoke is clouding my thinking but I looked all over and couldn't find it, or at least a way to edit it.

  2. A few years back,WhiteWolf changed forum software. I had some administrator powers on the old forum but lost them with the new forum. He had to go in and grant me some powers in the new forum. No,I can't find 'signature editing' either. Did some exploring on the web concerning our 'XenForo' software and signature editing. Apparently he has to go in as Administrator and apply 'yes' to signature editing. Hopefully next time he's on,it'll be corrected.
  3. OK, thanks. I thought I was slowly losing it.

  4. If you up to the upper right corner and click on your user name there is a setting for signatures. Please let me know if you have further issues. I think I got is working you, at least I hope.
  5. Yep, it showed up this time. I think you've got it fixed!!

  6. Awesome! Anyone that wants it I can send you my cell number in a private msg for texting if you have an issue and I may not be on.

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