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  1. diesel


    Sorry boys, time for my yearly "super rant."
    Are any of you fellas as appalled and sickened as i am over the general retardation of the citizens of Ca.? Sorry for the "retard" statement, don't mean to offend anyone who may have a child or relative who suffers from this horrible malady but, i have no other vocabulary to explain the morons who freed Kate Steinly's murderer.
    Only the super lib's from Cali could free a 7 time felon, 5 time deported, illegal Mexican pyscopathic killer.
    These kind of constant idiocities from the left are MORE than rampant in California. I am sick and tired of these bastards never ending assaults on the citizens and duely elected President of these United States. Let us not forget that Jose Inez Garcia Zarate, Steinly's murderer, confessed to the killing of this beautiful young lady.
    In my opinion, and i take full responsibility for what i'm about to say, the jurists as well as the courts who freed this maniac should suffer the prison sentence he SHOULD have recieved!
    Keep in mind, the legal offenses noted above as well as the gun he ruthlessly murdered her with was stolen,they claim they believed his story of this crime being an accident! Come on now America, are we going to allow this obvious assault to our morality to go unpunished?

    Well,sorry, again. I believe the true citizens of our country need to get together and put a stop to this kind of eff'n bullshit. The Cali justice system, (9th circuit C.O.A.) has been the spear in the side of our great nation long enough.

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  2. daniellawecki


    Well it's lets us know that criminals have more rights then the honest citizens. Give Cali back to Mexico build the wall . Make a hard right turn north cutting Cali off from the rest of the country.:flag::flag::flag::flag::)

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