"Rainy day" long term ammo storage

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  1. I'm talking about preserving and stashing ammo for that distant day in the future when our technology turns sentient and starts going terminator on all our asses... Or some other unlikely apocalyptic scenario.:p

    Being that two of my primary SHTF weapons are an AKM and a Mosin Nagant clone, I have one easy out for either rifle. Spam cans! Yes, the old (mostly corrosive) surplus commie ammo that comes in those hard to open cans... [In soviet Russia, can opens you!] I have some spam cans of 7.62x54r that were manufactured in the 50's and haven't breathed fresh air since. And I've never had a problem using this ammo (other than doing extensive cleaning as soon as I get home and finish shooting for the day). Now unfortunately, thanks to Olympic Arms for making AK pistols in the '90's, surplus 7.62x39 spam cans are very hard to come by due to it being almost exclusively steel core and considered to be armor piercing by the ATF (AP rounds are illegal in handgun calibers). It is no longer imported. But from time to time you can get your hands on commercial non corrosive lead core (such as Tulammo) and hard to find cans of Yugo m67 corrosive brass cased lead core ammo.

    But what about stowing away 9mm, .223, 5.56, .308 and etc.?
    You can find some of this stuff canned from Tula if you don't mind steel case... But I'm guessing most of you don't mind. So here's a vid on storing your rainy day ammo:
  2. diesel


    Believe it or not, I've been a vac. sealer for quite a while now. My sealer is not nearly so elaborate as the one in the vid. but it does the job.
    It's a cheap $100 and some dollar one from Cabelas but it works. (seems to work better if you leave the ammo boxed)
    The good thing about the one that I have is the LENGHT of your bag is nearly limitless, allowing one to seal in an entire rifle for burial.:D :flag::flag:
  3. PrepperTraining


    Holy COW!! What a setup that guy has! (not just the sealer - the entire room) I would love to have a setup like that! Wonder what kind of reloading equipment he has.
  4. jakeball


    Wow amazing set up. I hope to one day have something like that

    Shoot Strait!
  5. Just saw this video. Impressive setup!

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