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    Hello, I have created an account solely for this question. I'm probably in the wrong thread or sub-thread, please move if so.

    I have bought a gun that I use for home defense, I shoot in my backyard for training. 1911 C3 is the tool I purchased. It is my first big tool purchase I hope to never have to use other than in my backyard at the dead tree.

    I'm well over the age to buy a handgun, but my sister on the hand is not. She has a few years to go with being able to purchase. She had asked me to take her to the shooting range as were both not very well at shooting it, or I'm not. LOL. Would I be able to take her with the range to me and possibly get pointers from other fellas as she's under the age?

    Would she always have to have me be with her at the range, or could she take it to the range herself? She likes practicing more than I do, I do like to practice, but with a family and a full time job. I try to make the most of it.

    I also plan on passing this tool down to her for her birthday but she still will not be able to purchase from a dealer. Could I do that as well?

    I've checked other sites, I've tried researching, I was told by another forum to check here.

    Thank you in advance.
  2. That request is a bit disjointed but I think I get the overall drift.

    The two key ages you're looking for are 18 and 21. If your sister is over 18 she can possess a handgun but cannot purchase one from a dealer.

    Also, Federal law takes precedence here and the minimum age to possess is 18. There are exceptions to this under the farming and ranching areas, but this doesn't appear to apply in your case.

    You can both go to the range to shoot, regardless of age as YOU are deemed to be the responsible adult when dealing with someone under the age of 18. If she is over 18, she can go to the range by herself. She can also receive a handgun from you at age 18.

    May I recommend the following site for current Ohio gun law information. I am NOT affiliated with it in any way but I do use their site for information on demand.


    Hover your mouse over the "Gun Laws" then "State Laws" then "Ohio" and you'll have about 99% of your questions answered.

    AD (It's kind of a "left leaning" site but the information is good)
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    This section of Ohio law answers both your questions.


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