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    First of all I'd like to thank White Wolf for setting up this forum. It really wasn't my intent to be THIS visible here. I was simply saw the need and was in a position to help out.

    Who and what is Prepper Tech and Prepper Training? Well, I've always had a prepared mindset since a young age (Boy Scouts got me started). the "Be Prepared" motto always resonated with me. The times in my life that I have forgotten that seem to have ended up with a painful reminder that I should have been better prepared. I am also a teacher. I teach technology classes, first aid and CPR, I am an NRA instructor and I teach SAR (Search and Rescue) skills for volunteer SAR groups. I have been cultivating skills in some other related areas and hope to reach a point that I can teach those some day.

    I work with technology and decided to start my own business. I saw the upswing in preparedness interest and decided on a three prong approach to my business. Prepper Tech is my main business. It's what I do every day and what pays the bills. Prepper Training is the business that represents my training endeavors. Prepper Trading is a third business venture that I hope to get going to provide goods to the preparedness community.

    I state in my signature/tag line "Constantly training myself, training others when I can". This summarizes a big part of my life. I am always seeking out new learning opportunities and always willing to share what I know with others. That is a big part of why I enjoy boards like this. I hope that I can give at least as much as I receive.

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    Thanks for sharing your experiences with us. I look forward to expanding my preparedness training as well. I recently received a Ham Radio License. Haven't been able to pull the trigger on a radio just yet, but I'm getting close!

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