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Discussion in 'Open Carry' started by SW9EV_OC, November 8, 2015.

  1. SW9EV_OC


    My dad lives in Toledo I am currently living in Kentucky, he has told me that oc'ers in Toledo are being arrested for I insighting panic. I know Ohio is a open carry state. My question is has any heard of this happening and is it a big issue with TPD?

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  2. daniellawecki


    I live in Toledo and have heard of no one being arrested. But you really don't see any open carry.
  3. I do open carry at times in the summer for comfort and only had a few people get uncomfortable and or pissy about it. Nothing though that TPD was called.

    I have several other friends that OC all the time without problem.

    Just depends on the place and people.

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  4. You cannot "incite panic" while performing a legal activity therefore most, if not all of the reports of arresting for inciting panic are urban legends at best.

    Now, waving around an openly carried sidearm can and will get you arrested but not normal, civilized/holstered (as I like to call it) carry.

    All bets are off on a slung AR walking into McDonald's unless it's deer season and they are jumping into your truck at the drive thru.

    AD (open carry every day for the last 5 years)
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  5. As usual AD you make some very valid points.

    I've been nervous at times as well because of being hassled by people and LEO's but the time has come to stand up and be counted as a law abiding gun owner that exercises their 2nd Amendment rights.

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