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  1. diesel


    The rifle in the post i put up the other day is a CMMG and i know nothing of them.
    A small amount of research on my part tells me two tales of this rifle. Some reveiws are raving while others knock the gun as being cheaply built.
    Any who can help with some info will be highly appreciated.
    It is a MOD4SA.:confused::flag:
  2. CMMG doesn't list a rifle or barrel in 17Rem,so have to assume it's a specialty/non-cmmg barrel. I didn't know someone was making AR 17Rem barrels.
    In the beginning,CMMGs' were built with other manufacturers surplus parts,but since the AR platform is designed around spec'd interchangeable parts,other rifle manufacturers are also doing that.
    CMMGs' were considered the low budget ARs but never heard of any problems.
  3. diesel


    Thank you for the info, 10mm. Every shop I took it to wanted it,. but wouldn't take it because of no barrel markings.
    I'm sure you are correct as the barrel on this gun is homemade. It's a literal tack driver, but too damn heavy .:confused::flag::flag:
  4. daniellawecki


    Things have changed their prices are right up there now. Gun Blast does a review of their guns and no complaints'
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