It's finally open.

Discussion in 'Gun Ranges' started by dogrtst, March 9, 2015.

  1. Deer Creek is finally open. Was there this past weekend and very few shooters plus still lots of snow on the range itself but that will be gone soon. I did get an update on the Delaware range. They will be a major rebuild this year and hopefully it will be ready for next year. A layout plan is posted on the fence at DC so anyone can see the proposed rebuild. They may also have a nature center building of some sort.

  2. diesel


    I truly feel bad for you boys that have to wait on a gun range.
    I live in the sticks and get to go out in the back yard any time I feel the urge to sling lead. I honestly wish we lived closer to each other, you guys could come to my place and shoot for FREE anytime you wished.:cry:
  3. its very gracious of you to offer and believe me, if I lived closer, I'd take you up on that but thanks for the offer anyways.

    Deer Creek is better than not having a place and it well maintained and you get to meet good folk at gun ranges, in general. Although you are limited to paper targets only - kinda sucks.

    The indoor ranges are another story. Some are more inviting than others and the fact that more are by the hour, there isn't much cameraderie going on.

    I'm happy you have the good fortune to be able to shoot free (as in the freedom to) on your own property.
    As soon as i win that pesky lottery, I'll be plunkin' down beaucoups bucks on my own shooting land.

  4. daniellawecki


    The club I belong to is never closed for weather. Enjoy and shoot often.
  5. Deer Creek opened on the 1st of March and the following Friday was perfect; warm, sunny. Then it's been lousy ever since. Today, the 21st, is starting to look like it may clear up. Hope so, the range opens tomorrow.

    I may yet get to christen my new CZ 452 2E, hopefully, this weekend.


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