Did you try it this year?

Discussion in 'Shooting Sports' started by ADulay, February 15, 2016.

  1. I wanted to post this in early January but forgot.

    The question for all of you is:

    Did you try any of the shooting sports last year?

    Did you grab a buddy and head out to see how well you function with a bit of pressure on your shooting?

    If you didn't, it's not a big deal. You've got another full year to at least try it once to see how it feels.

    Is your shooting getting just a little bit boring drilling holes in air conditioned comfort at 15 yards, straight ahead and with no amount of urgency in the process? Just how many times do you have to "sight in" that gun anyway?

    Just don't feel like heading to the range to shoot another box of ammo "downrange" for no apparent reason other than to just shoot?

    Hey, make those rounds count for something. You know you can hit stuff sitting at a bench. Add some variety to your shooting and maybe even get enthused about it again.

    USPSA, Steel Challenge, IDPA, GSSF, IPSC (if you can find it) or maybe any of the "outlaw" sanctioned matches.

    At least try it!! Take a buddy along for grins and kick his butt! Seriously, it's way more fun with a friend to shoot with/against. Bragging rights carry on until the next match!

    Stop searching for gun porn on your computer and do a search for a local shooting match!

    AD (going for a payback match tonight with the 45)
  2. Hey guys!

    Another year or so and we're deep into summer of 2017 and nobody has even bothered to check out a match or two and beat up on a buddy?

    Not a problem. Just go to another gun show and that'll make it all better.


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