Are You Training For Fads, Fantasy Or A Fight?

Discussion in 'Tactics & Training' started by BuckJM53, July 8, 2017.

  1. BuckJM53


    This article/analysis by Tom Givens puts in the nutshell what I have believed and practiced in my SD exercises for many years. It really puts things into perspective :)
  2. I agree totally with that article.

    The "When do we jump out of the flaming helicopter" quote was priceless!!

    Seriously, if you're training for the Zombie Invasion, perhaps one should rethink why they're carrying a sidearm.

    Train on the BASICS every time you're at the range. Movement if you can do it or at least the leg and muscle movement to at least challenge your static position.

    You may not have the luxury of taking a two handed stance to shoot. It will more likely be a strong hand only quick snap and it's done.

    Work on things you don't do well. If your draw stroke is abysmal, get a timer and work on it.

  3. BuckJM53


    Agreed! Many seem to seek the "new and better" route when the best option is most often the time tested techniques IMHO. While I can appreciate the competition/capitalism aspects of training offered these days, "simple skills" mastered that are relevant to "real life likely scenarios" are far more important in my thinking then wasting hundreds or thousands of dollars chasing the latest training craze so that one can say I trained with Blah Blah at the Blah Blah institute and hang a meaningless certificate on the wall.

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