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  1. All,

    I figured I'd put this here as it does relate to the shooting sports in general but was posted in an IDPA message room. It was from a guy who shot his regular carry gun at a local IDPA match and was taken aback by what he didn't know after shooting for several years!

    Here's the direct quote:

    "I ask because I shot my first match with a stock XDm 3.8 45, shooting 230 grain ball ammo, It was an eye opener for sure, As far as the competition I sucked, finished dead last, but my goal was to learn and get more proficient with a gun I actually carry. I did and I learned more in 4 hours than I have in the last 3 years shooting that gun in my pasture. "

    Read that last sentence one more time.

    It's like I've been saying all along, getting some shooting time in ANY of the shooting sports, on the clock, will make you a better shooter overall, no matter which discipline you decide to try!!

    So, get your shooting buddy and track down an upcoming Level 1 (local) match. It's almost summer! Get out there and shoot 'em up!

    It's cheap entertainment, you get to shoot, a lot, you get to draw, move and reload and if you're better than your buddy, you get a free beer, too!

    For you guys who prefer to shoot .22LR all the time, Steel Challenge is the way to go. I swear half the guns out there on the Saturday Steel match are .22's.

    Or you can just plink dead Coke cans in a field and call it practice.

  2. All,

    You know how I'm always going on and on about shooting with your buddies and giving your friends a hard time when you beat them. (All in good fun, of course).

    Well, here's an example. I wore that "I beat Greg" shirt to Monday's match and took a lot of grief for it from the peanut gallery. Then "Greg" saw it and the smack down began!

    Well, I had him for the first three stages but then a combination of his storming back hard and me making a simple mistake not reloading when I should have and he winds up winning the match by 27/100 of a second!! Arrrrrrrgh. That's the time it took for me to shoot that one extra bullet than I didn't need to from another stage. I put three "zeros" in a target that only needed two.

    Anyway, here's the "before" and "after" photos. I can't believe they found a magic marker two minutes after the last stage!!!!


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  3. Guys,

    Well, believe it or not, I just drove 440 miles (round trip) to shoot a USPSA classifier match! Yes, I know this is the IDPA thread, but at least the photo is of the IDPA match, so I put it here.

    The reason for the long trip? It's very hard to get a classifier done in USPSA in one day. For some reason, they rarely run a match with all Classifier stages. Very boring for most shooters but if you're looking to classify, you don't want to shoot 6 matches and a 1000 rounds of ammo to maybe have the individual classifier scores sent in. This way, I'm done in a day!

    Of course, the way USPSA does their classifications, I won't actually know what I got until after the 15th of next month. At least in IDPA you know what you did immediately after the match, especially if I'm the Match Director!

    This range is about 2000 feet southeast of the center of the runway at Homestead AFB in Florida.

    AD (If I had to drive a car, I wouldn't have gone.)

  4. Wow. Got rained out last night after the first two stages. Bummer.

    But, never let a good crisis go to waste.

    My squad just happened to be stuck on Bay 1 which also has a nice plate rack set way back in the corner.

    If it's raining cats and dogs, it's time for the "Strong Hand / Weak Hand Challenge" to the plates at about 30 yards or so from the covered table/bench on the bay.

    You get three bullets and can use them as needed to take out ONE 8" plate on the rack with each hand.

    Pouring down rain, wind, lightning, scorpions, frogs and all that. Shoot the plate!!

    The other squads evidently were shooting guns other than Glocks as we seemed to be the only ones still shooting in the downpour. They probably wondered just what the heck we were shooting at!

    I got lucky on my weak hand shot and got the middle plate on my first short. Got the end plate on my 2nd shot for the tie breaker.

    I finally won something!

    Shooting in heavy rain could come in handy some day. You just never know!

  5. All,

    You've all heard me expound on the excellent value associated with shooting "under the gun" or on the clock/timer for "real". Yes, there is an element of pressure there that you'll NEVER get when just shooting at the static range or out in a field.

    As long as I've been doing this, it still creeps up from time to time. Last Monday was a perfect example.

    Last stage of the night. I'm holding off my two enemy shooters by a few seconds but I'm shooting well tonight so I think I've got it in the bag.

    The timer goes off, I start the run. Take out to two steels, three paper targets, down a hallway for two more paper targets, back out of the hallway and come around a corner to shoot three final targets through a window. There is one "non-threat" slightly in front of the three valid targets.

    I DOUBLE TAP THE NON-THREAT WITH TWO TO THE HEAD and continue on to finish the stage.

    I zeroed out (no points down) the entire stage, even the non-threat, which is not good.

    Add up those penalty points and the time to shoot "Grandma" and I wind up losing the match to my buddies right on the spot.

    Trust me. Shooting with ANY kind of pressure on you will make you a much more aware shooter. Get out there and get some good trigger time, ON THE CLOCK, with a good shooting buddy. It's summer. Just DO IT.

    Or take vacation this winter down in Florida at shoot at our place! I'll even put you on my squad. (You may regret that later.)

    I thought I had "Greg" taken out the other night. He beats me handily after my gaff. Somebody finds a magic marker at the range and "fixes" my tee shirt.

  6. Hey guys! Embarrassing news for the 1911 crowd on Monday night!

    I usually shoot in the CDP division against all the custom 1911's that guys drag out of hiding and the Glock holds it's own against these guys.

    However, on last Monday night there were 5 shooters in CDP (the 45 division) and all of them were shooting 1911's.

    I wasn't as I was running in the Back Up Gun (BUG) division with all the sub compact guns.

    My final time for the night beat ALL the 1911's in CDP!!

    Like I said, embarrassing for them but great for the BUG shooters in the group!

    Let's drag a buddy out to a shooting sport and get involved. You'll be a much better shooter for it.

    And because we all need a good laugh at the "slow old" guy, here's the video of stage 2.


  7. All,

    Tried an experiment this week with some of my shooters.

    I basically took 6 people and put them on a "Team" to shoot total time against another "Team".

    I handicapped them as best I could figure out (which turned out to be pretty accurate) and then we had at it.

    We had top shooters, bottom shooters, women, geezers and middle of the road. It was a good time giving each other a ration of crap about how each stage went and where they screwed it up or did good.

    Here's the bottom line. Pretty good job of placing shooters on which side I'd say.

    My guys gave it their best shot but we came up six seconds short. Not bad if I don't say so myself.

    Get out there and shoot in one of the "sports" with a buddy. You'll both appreciate it for sure.

    AD (I think the scoring program reversed the finish order!)

  8. Hey guys. I've got a simple question.

    I've been writing about the various "shooting sports" here in the forum for over 4 years now.

    The question is:

    Have any of you guys tried any of the various shooting sports yet?

  9. Guys,

    I did some experimenting with the Phantom drone this week and came up with a few videos. This one just shows a shooter running stage 5 from Saturday from a different perspective.

    Now there's no audio as the drones make too much noise to have an audio input on them but I believe I should be able to sync up audio from a GoPro camera shooting the same stage as the drone.

    The next video I post up will be the merging of the two venues to make a single high perspective video/audio combination of a shooting stage.


  10. Hi guys.

    I'm still alive and well down in Florida and the shooting has been just fine. With the arrival of the "snowbirds" we've been getting 60+ shooters on our weekly Monday night match!

    With that said, I decided to concentrate on Revolver this season and signed up for the 2018 Florida State IDPA Championship this year. May as well get that box checked off from the Bucket List, eh?

    Well, I was a very late entry and got squadded and shot on squad 61 all day Friday and the final results came out today on the final day.

    Andy Dulay took 1st Place in Revolver/SS.

    Woo-Hoo! I even managed to somehow take a complete STAGE WIN (#11, Nuclear Option) overall in Revolver! Now that's something I'm proud of.

    I was shooting on a ten man squad that had three World Class shooters and a few local "experts" that I knew from previous matches. I was literally the runt of the litter (and the only revolver) on this squad, believe me!

    But guess what. Even those guys screw up in a match so it was a very enlightening day shooting with some very classy guys. I was humbled but evidently it made me concentrate and the final outcome pretty much proves that out.

    So, spring is just around the corner for most of you. Grab a buddy and get out there and beat up on each other at a Steel Challenge, IDPA or local USPSA match. The bragging rights will be worth it!!


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