A shooting club I belonged to. Still there.

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  1. After the past 10 years of surviving several serious medical events, my life was forever changed. And, when my hunting labs all passed away within the same year, I lost the will to go into the field without them. So, I stopped bird hunting, and going to the club I had belonged to for over 20 years, and moved away.

    Fast forward to the present. I've recovered well enough to be able to travel far and wide, once again.

    On a whim, I decided to check out the old club, to see if it was still in business. Well, what do you know - it's still there. Sadly, the people who ran the place when I was an active member have also passed on, but they have a new man and he's e very conscientious man, and welcomed me back to the fold.

    For those of you in the Dayton, Ohio area; I'm speaking of the Wright-Patterson Rod & Gun Club, located on the south end of the runway of the base, and a mere couple of miles from the National Museum of the United States Air Force.

    Although the Pheasant-release bird hunting program has recently been discontinued, the Huffman Prairie land is still open to Dove, Rabbit, and (archery and gun) during the deer season, as well as the several ponds that are stocked with rainbow trout.

    Huffman Prairie, (which is where the gun club is located) is a national historic monument site, and is where the Wright brothers built and tested their early aircraft, like the Wright Flyer; there is a memorial hangar erected there, a marker and flag pole just up the road - in view of the skeet fields that is open to visitors.

    Trap and Skeet leagues, (shooting, and special shoots are in full swing throughout the year), and all are welcome to join. I believe there are six skeet fields and a couple or three trap fields. Unfortunately, they don't have indoor pistol range any longer or a rifle range. They do offer Wednesday night skeet shooting leagues. The club is closed on Thursdays and Fridays and open the rest of the week. The club is open to members and non-members alike. If you join, the membership fee is $35 a year, and the club has a cost plus 15% mark-up to buy firearms, ammo and all manner of shooting supplies and accessories at the club store there. Not a bad deal at all!

    Soon after 9/11 occurred, the gun club grounds were fenced off from the perimeter of the active base, and a new gate was erected that is now accessible from Rte 444 at the south end of the city of Fairborn.

    While you're at it, take a day or two to visit the new and improved USAF Museum this May 17-19, 2018, for the official unveiling (after a complete, 10-year ,ground-up rebuild) of the B-17F Flying Fortress "Memphis Belle" (admittedly, the most famous and recognized WWII combat aircraft of all time); it's the 75th anniversary of the first AAF B-17F bomber to complete 25 combat missions in WWII, and return to the States.

    Additionally, there will be B-17 activities taking place not too far away on the 17th; on Rte 68 (north of I-70) at Grimes Airport in Urbana, Ohio; in conjunction with the 75th Anniversary celebration. You won't see this many flying B-17 Flying Fortresses in one place since the war and will not be seen again. So, Google the info online.

    I was at the 75th Anniversary Celebration of the "Doolittle Raid" on Tokyo last summer, and no less than 11 B-25 Medium Bombers showed up for the event; as well as all of the flying and rides offered at Grimes, the day prior to the Museum event.

    They will most likely be selling B-17 rides (last I checked was $450 per head) before the Museum unveiling on the 18th. If you've never been on a flight on a B-17 - add it to your 'bucket list' - you won't regret it.

    It's good to be back at the club.
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  2. Thanks for the story. I enjoyed reading it.

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  3. I haven't been to the museum since the early 70s',always have plans to go,maybe some day.
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  4. Oldman10mm, you should go this May. Think about it, - what an inexpensive way to vacation. Spend a couple of days at the museum, then go to Grimes Airport in Urbana for the pre-Celebration celebration. Urbana is maybe all of thirty miles Northeast from Wright-Patt.

    By the way, the Grimes museum in Urbana is also building a B-17G! She is in two pieces and this rebuild has been going on for years. You can even Google its story. It, too, will soon be flying in a couple more years.

    I guarantee you will be glad you did. Hell, I sound like a tour guide - LOL!

    You will be blown away (to use an old '60s hippie term) by how that museum has grown. It now houses the entire acft collection under four huge Quonset-style buildings. And it's still free, and so is the parking.

    You can even book a guided tour (again, free) to visit the restoration hangars (the old Wright-Patt field hangars) across from the main museum. Call ahead and the tours are only on Fridays but you will see the last and oldest surviving B-17D, "The Swoose". It also has an amazing story to tell. It will also be the last B-17 left to rebuild by the Air Museum staff.
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    I was there as a kid on a field trip from grade school. That story makes me want to go again.:flag::flag:
  6. Apologies for this being an old 2015 thread. A couple of updates here for those interested.

    I was reviewing the old thread about there may be a gun range in Newark, and someone then mentioned 'Briar Rabbit' Shooting Sports. Yep, dstegjas is right - I joined there earlier last year.

    It's about 69 miles east/Southeast of Zanesville, but the ride goes quickly on 70E from Columbus, and the place is large. Right along the Muskengum River.

    A word of caution - you must be a registered member or you will be escorted off the premises. It's $125 for the year, and you sign in and out to use the range. Non-members are not allowed, even with a registered member. We found out the hard way. My two friends were escorted out even though both were members and because i wasn't a paying member - one forgot his pass, and he, too, had to leave.

    It's only open throughout the week for registered members, and it is only open on Wednesday (I think) and on the weekends for non-members. They offer (self-serve, automated machines) sporting clays, five-stand, pistol and their long rifle range is approximately 600+ yards in length. Not bad. (A couple of pics of the long range area at briar Rabbit). I seem to remember the owner is planning to extend it out further but don't know more about that.

    Next, the gun shows at the Westland Mall on the west side of Columbus are a thing of the past. The mall is no longer functioning except maybe the SEARS store. The gun shows are now held at the Franklin County Fairgrounds in Hilliard, and their gun shows sucks. Don't waste your time or money there.

    'Oldman10mm already 'supplied the links for the other long-range facilities around the state; Rayner's, Thunder Valley, Woodbury state, 200 yrd range).

    Finally, the Delaware, Ohio state shooting range near Alum Creek, that was supposed to be rebuilt - won't be, anytime soon. U.S. Corps of Engineers, the State, ODNR . . . politics, in a word.

    Those are the latest updates I have. IMG_0876.jpg IMG_0863.jpg IMG_0874.JPG

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    Nice shooting range I have to drive to Gibsonburg Oh for any long range shooting.
  8. where is that one at and how long range ?
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    Sandusky County Sportsman Club 500 yards 3950 state Route 600. They also have a big Cowboy town shooting area.
  10. it's at briarrabbit.com . All of the info and photos of the place are on the website.

    Briar Rabbit Shooting Sports
    2949 Granger Hill Rd
    Zanesville, OH. 43701
    Ph: 740-454-3817

    If you are coming from Northeastern Ohio, I'd say the most direct route would be to come down Interstate 77S from Canton or thereabouts, then get on US 70W then turn south when you get into Zaneswille.

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