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Discussion in 'Handguns' started by MikeH121, February 23, 2018.

  1. MikeH121


    50 bucks got me a Smith and Wesson Top Break in 38 S&W. Nickel plating is worn. Cylinder is tight and bore looks good. Positive lock on the cylinder also. Always wanted one in the collection. Need to check the serial number and date.

    KIMG0242.jpg KIMG0241.jpg KIMG0240.jpg KIMG0239.jpg
  2. daniellawecki


    Nice score little TLC and good to go.
  3. Nice buy.

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  4. diesel


    Very nice, Mike.
    Be sure to check the timing before firing (if you decide to fire it).:):flag:
  5. MikeH121


    Timing good has the Smith positive cylinder lockup, you know the little cutout on the back. Got's me 38 S&W ammo. Got a little 2 shot derringer that takes it and that thing is fun to shoot. Also have a 38 Spl derringer and a 22.

    But out of all 3 the S&W is less recoil then the Spl and not as annoying as the 22lr. Those tend to expand more and you end up helping the manual extractor out with a little manual leverage.

    Might clean it up and have it Cerakoted. :rofl:
  6. sounds like a good idea. I have the few of these old revolvers and a lot of fun to shoot.

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